February 03, 2007

My Picks

I want to bring your attention to two popular blogs on the Net that I like.

The first award winning blog is Vegan Lunch Box written by Jenniferschmoo, who creates wonderful vegan lunch boxes for her son, and also for her mom. Her ideas are original and very creative. She produces meals that are nutritious and vegan: meat-free, egg-free and dairy-free. She has a loyal fan base and has also written a book titled after her blog called "Vegan Lunch Box" that is also very popular.

The second blog that I enjoy is titled Guyana and is written by Guyana-Gyal, GG as she is commonly called. It is a daily account of her insights, personal commentary, daily activities and stories from her native country Guyana. It is humorous, thought provoking and sentimental. It is one of the only blogs that has originated from Guyana that has captured the public's imagination since it is written in the native creolese guyanese dialect. She also has a fan-base from around the world.

Check them out when you get some time. It is worth the effort and time.

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