February 28, 2007

The Secret

I first saw a clip about "The Secret" on CNN.......It had piqued my interest since it stated that many great personalities like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Plato, and Beethoven had used it in their daily lives and they were very wise, successful, brilliant and had done a lot of good since they were aware of the Law of Attraction.

Then, a few days later, I was speaking to one of my sisters on the phone, and she mentioned it to me.....coincidence, I think not.....I explained to her that I had seen a clip about this on CNN. She said that Oprah had done a show regarding "The Secret" about a week ago. My sister had also gone to great lengths to purchase the DVD movie. She had braved extreme weather conditions to go to the store. She said to me, that she somehow knew, that she had to have this DVD movie. She felt that this was what she needed in her life.

She called me a couple of days later, to let me know, that Oprah was doing a follow-up to the original show. I tuned in and watched the show when it aired.

The Secret, a DVD movie, was created by Australian Rhonda Byrne. The philosophy, behind The Secret, is that you can create the life you want for yourself. As per Oprah.com, " Rhonda defines The Secret as the law of attraction, which is the principle that "like attracts like." You are what you attract. It is a very powerful message, that has a lot of people from around the world, rushing to buy the DVD movie. People are connecting to this movie at a very personal level.

I believe that anything, that can help anyone to improve their live, to be good. If it can lead to a more peaceful and enlightened world, then more power to it.

February 21, 2007

The Worse is Over.....

Finally, the cold snap broke yesterday and we had temperatures above zero degrees Celsius. It was a good day. Today is great also. Sunnier and warmer. March is just a couple of days away, and spring is not far behind (knock on wood).

Let's see, the cold water went, then the hot water, and then the pipes got frozen in the basement, which broke and flooded the elevator shafts, which caused all the elevators to shut down. Then, 3 plumbers had to work overtime to bring the situation back to normal.

I am happy to say that I have "warmed up" to the situation and everything is back to normal. Hopefully, I can get back on track with this blog.

February 07, 2007

Taking a Break

Just wanted to let you know that we are having a cold snap here. Very cold temperatures and wind chills. An Arctic and Siberian kind of activity.

Weather forecasters say that this will continue until next week. (God, I hope not.) "Cabin fever" will set in. The nights are very cold. Homeless people are the major concern for the authorities. Everybody seems to be doing well so far.

I guess you might be asking yourself what has this got to do with my blogging.

Well, for starters, I am having a difficult time thinking. Seems that even my brain is experiencing the "cold snap". I have ideas but I just can't seem to focus and write them up. Hopefully, I will be able to thaw out very soon, and things should be back to normal.

February 03, 2007

My Picks

I want to bring your attention to two popular blogs on the Net that I like.

The first award winning blog is Vegan Lunch Box written by Jenniferschmoo, who creates wonderful vegan lunch boxes for her son, and also for her mom. Her ideas are original and very creative. She produces meals that are nutritious and vegan: meat-free, egg-free and dairy-free. She has a loyal fan base and has also written a book titled after her blog called "Vegan Lunch Box" that is also very popular.

The second blog that I enjoy is titled Guyana and is written by Guyana-Gyal, GG as she is commonly called. It is a daily account of her insights, personal commentary, daily activities and stories from her native country Guyana. It is humorous, thought provoking and sentimental. It is one of the only blogs that has originated from Guyana that has captured the public's imagination since it is written in the native creolese guyanese dialect. She also has a fan-base from around the world.

Check them out when you get some time. It is worth the effort and time.