February 07, 2007

Taking a Break

Just wanted to let you know that we are having a cold snap here. Very cold temperatures and wind chills. An Arctic and Siberian kind of activity.

Weather forecasters say that this will continue until next week. (God, I hope not.) "Cabin fever" will set in. The nights are very cold. Homeless people are the major concern for the authorities. Everybody seems to be doing well so far.

I guess you might be asking yourself what has this got to do with my blogging.

Well, for starters, I am having a difficult time thinking. Seems that even my brain is experiencing the "cold snap". I have ideas but I just can't seem to focus and write them up. Hopefully, I will be able to thaw out very soon, and things should be back to normal.


. said...

You are a vegan?

Jitender Saan

desert rose said...

I am a lacto-vegetarian. I consume some dairy products. I am trying to phase out dairy products.

DaveM said...

Hope the cold spell doesn't confine you too much. thank god we dont get the cold weather that you get. Last week we had 2 days of snow and it caused utter chaos in Cardiff and South Wales. We knew it was coming as well, but we still weren't prepared.

desert rose said...

We had a really mild winter until mid-january. Everyone wanted to know where winter was. Many were missing their skiing weekends.

Well, it came with a vengeance.

I think we all had enough. Amen.