January 31, 2007

Learning to Blog

Just a quick note to bring you up to date about my blog.

I am just getting the hang of blogging and settling in, that is, immersing myself in the blogosphere. I have been editing and tweaking the template, learning about HTML and many related issues around blogging on the Net. I have goofed up, became frustrated many times and lost precious time also, but I hung in there, no complaints.

As far as I see it, it is all part of the(my) learning process.

It has been a steep learning curve for me. I have been watching and learning from the pros who have been doing it longer than I have. Picking up ideas from other fellow bloggers and frankly doing a lot of reading on the Net. Wow, so much info. Talk about info overload.

All in all, I am happy so far with what I have accomplished and I lived to tell the tale.

Finally, if you visit my blog, please feel free to leave a comment.

Have a nice day.

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