January 27, 2007

Chocolate!Need I say more.......

Last night I was looking at a documentary "Chocolate Confidential" on theCBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.). It dealt with the history, politics, business and yes.....the pleasures and benefits of eating chocolate.

The doc touched again upon something I had heard before about the poor wages being paid to children in Africa who were also denied schooling. Of course, my heart went out to them when I had heard the story. I knew that I should reduce my chocolate consumption which I did somewhat since I felt that it was the best thing to do. But then Christmas came and I.....well purchased a bag of chocolates and of course a large bar which had raisins and hazelnuts......heaven. Plus, since I am vegetarian I had to of course read all of the ingredients before making any purchases. Well it didn't take long for me to polish both of them off.

A week or two later I was at the local health food store and I decided to make some changes for the better.....I purchased a bar of fair trade, organic, dark chocolate with orange and spices.....What a mouthful.......The cocoa beans were cultivated using bio diverse farming methods...sounded environmentally friendly. The bar weighed 35 grams, contained about 55% cocoa solids and cost about $1.50 with taxes...I felt good...no, let me rephrase that...I felt really good...I had done a good deed.

I tasted my first piece of fair trade, organic, dark chocolate that had cost me an arm and a leg and what do you know...it was bitter...I was terribly disappointed. I nearly cried since I had paid so much, for yes...35 grams of chocolate, a small bar compared to what I pay for my usual everyday chocolates that usually are laden with a lot of sugar, etc. to mask the bitter taste of chocolate. Well, I decided to remain calm and placed the remainder of my chocolate bar in the fridge while I contemplated what to do.

Days went by and then I had another 2 fegs of my chocolate bar...I was expecting the bitter taste again and I braced myself for it. But you know what.....it was good.....it was really good.....And then last night the doc was on and since it looked interesting I decided to watch it. I remembered that I had the remainder of the bar in my fridge. As I continued watching the doc, the experts reminded me of the numerous compounds in chocolate that were beneficial for our health including heart problems.

Of course, using all my will power, I resisted as long as I could the trek to my fridge.....the question was should I or shouldn't I.....Eventually I could resist no more, I got up and had a couple more fegs.....Great Stuff.....I put the rest of the bar in the fridge, about a half of the chocolate bar.

As I was writing the above, I had no will power left in me.....Yes, I have already devoured the other half of my fair trade, organic, dark chocolate bar with orange and spices that had cost me about a buck and a half Canadian including taxes.....Chocolate was not supposed to be so politically charged and taste so good at the same time.

It is a simple, addictive pleasure that everyone enjoy, especially women. Well, I don't know how long I will survive without any chocolates in the house. But wait, you know what, Valentine's Day is just around the corner.....Hmmmmm.....Got to get me some more chocolate.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Hello Nafisa, that's the bitter truth about dark chocolate, eh?

Actually, I love dark chocolate. I'm too scared to eat the milky one, too much fat, and I'm worried about letting my mother eat it too, the cholesterol...

nafisa said...

I have never really liked dark chocolates. I always liked the milky ones. Swiss chocolates are the best.

The problem is they really load up the chocolates with so much sugar. plus the fat content as you mentioned. It is not good for you. The organic bar was so small compared to what I usually buy and how much I paid for it. Was unbelievable. And yes you do eat less chocolate when it is the dark chocolate.