August 18, 2008

SOS - Climate Change Flyer

According to a United Nations report, meat eating is a major cause of global warming. We need to change our diet to a vegetarian diet since it is a more healthy, economical, ecological, more noble, peaceful and a compassionate diet.

Please change your life, change your heart, and change your diet, no more killing. Be healthy and loving.

To Save our Planet, we should:

(1) Go Veg.

(2) Drive hybrid Vehicles.

(3)Plant More Trees.

(4)Change to sustainable Energy.


Please feel free to share this flyer with family, friends and others around the planet. Please link here for flyer.

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Adam said...

The notion that going vegetarian is a noble cause is misplaced. Millions of peoples lives depend on the meat industry to survive, and millions depend on meat for sustenance, as there are no viable alternatives in some parts of the world.

desert rose said...

Same with the military industrial complex. Millions of peoples lives depend on the war industry.

Same with the corn industry in the US. Check out the documentary that aired on PBS, "King Corn." It is about 2 guys who planted an acre of corn in Iowa.

We have to change our habits now, since everything is unravelling and we might not have a planet pretty soon that we call home.